Monday, June 4, 2007

Some stuff I've finished lately

Since this is supposed to be a crafty blog, I figure I better get some pictures of crafts up here or no one will like me, so here is a post with some pictures. For the next week or so, you can see more at

This is a picture of my new lab coat, on which I embroidered some flowers on the back and a little skull on the front. This close-up of the flowers is pretty, I think.

This is the Little Mermaid Strapless Top from Sexy Little Knits. Yes, I know about my boobs, let it go, it's a cute shirt.

This is a shitty arm warmer. Actually, it's a great arm warmer, and so is the other one. The shitty part is that one was cast on with 8 repeats and the other was cast on with 10 repeats. They are now hiding behind the television, where they've been since I made them about 2 or 3 months ago.

I just finished another project tonight, for some friends who are getting married this weekend. It's the Comfort Cable Throw from Lion Brand. It was quite fun to make. No pictures till later though.

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THEknittingNURSE said...

Pretty lab coat! I see you "spend most of your time at school" and you have a lab coat... what are you going to school for?

P.S. i might have to use this project as another inspiration from you to do on my own. I am about to start working at a children's hospital, and I figure my labcoat could use a little brightness!