Saturday, March 27, 2010

Um, I found a kitten

Only problem is, I'm in Little Rock for the weekend, and I can't really take him on the airplane.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

More pictures and a tank top.

So pretty!

So I think this is what a shawl is for...

Andrea is having me make a lacy tank top, and I love it so far!

Guess What?

I finished my shawl. It's huge. And awesome.

Here it is pre-blocking. Impressive stuff, no?

Maybe a bath will help?

336 pins later...

With the book again to show how amazing blocking is at making things bigger.

Look! Look how pretty! :D

That's a king size bed. This thing is huge.

I didn't finish by the end of the Olympics, but I am darn proud of myself anyway. I want some real in-the-wild-not-pinned-to-my-bed pictures, but I was too excited to post these pics and didn't want to unpin it too early, so there ya go.

So... does anyone know what you are supposed to do with a shawl after you finish making it? Anyone? Bueller?

Friday, March 12, 2010

Slippers, Puppy hat

For something that took like 2 hours to knit, these slippers are really taking forever to finish. They're like, half dry, so I sewed the strap on, and even made it functional because it tightens up the rather loose toe part. So yay. Now all I have to do is wait till they're all the way dry to puff paint the bottoms. I can't decide if I like them.

My karate instructor has been bugging me to make a hat for his dog for like, 2 years. So now that the dog has some puppies, I made a prototype for a puppy. It fits Calvin, ear-holes and all, so hopefully a puppy is the same size as a Calvin.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Arkansas slippers and some knitting surgery

I am making some French Press Slippers! When I went to visit Arkansas to see if it would be a good place to live (apparently I thought it would, and we decided to move there in a couple months), I went to a yarn store and found this yarn on sale and decided that these slippers would be a good pattern to use it on. Thus, they are my Arkansas slippers.

Here is them, pre-felting (with a helpful cat for size comparison).

Here they are after two go-rounds in the front load washing machine. UGH! They look awful! That lump on the back! I should have figured out how to sew them in order to not make that lump, and they were huge. I pouted all night, then decided to take drastic measures.

Chop chop chop! I went with the scissors. This step was terrifying. I cut the whole lump off. Slipper lumpectomy.

Then I sewed them up the back! I even got a bit cocky with my scissors and trimmed any weird lumpy parts around the edges, too. (The one on the left is still in pre-op, the right one is all stitched up.)

I decided to hand-felt them the rest of the way to seal up the new heel seam and try to shrink them a bit and get rid of the dreadful lumpiness. Then I went to search for some buttons. They're not done yet since they are still drying and I haven't sewed on the straps. I can't decide which way I like the button: with the little leaves or plain. What do you think?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I ran out of yarn :(

First, a couple days ago, all my stitches came off my needle. Luckily it was on a row I had added a lifeline to so it wasn't too hard to fix, but I definitely didn't breathe for like, a whole minute.

But look. I ran out of yarn. 3 rounds from the end. I'm gonna go cry now.

Here are my cats on a box (as predicted) to cheer me up.

I'm still knitting this thing.

Yeah, so here's how far I was last week at the end of the Olympics:

Here's what it looked like at some point...

I've only got 5 rows left. I think I'm going to finish today. Squee!!