Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Next Project...

Ah, the fun of finishing a project! That means I get to choose a new project to get distracted from! I dunno how other people do it, but I usually have one "main" project that I am trying to finish up, and a bunch of side projects going at the same time, to be worked on when I am sick of the main project. When the main project is finished, time for a side project to become the main one! The main project is usually whatever I am knitting, with other types of crafts for side projects.

Right now, however, I am making Christmas cards. I have no idea why, but I guess when you're inspired, you gotta run with it. Plus by the time Christmas rolls around, they will already be totally ready to go! They are really cute, I'll post a pic of a finished one soon. I still haven't finished my honeymoon scrapbook (almost a year later!) so I am working on that, too. I also have a bunch of pictures of some fun trips I've taken lately that need scrapping.

And that doesn't even include the knitting projects floating around in my head! I am thinking of making a monster for the knitting challenge on I have never entered one before, but I have some awful yarn that would make a perfect monster, so we'll see what happens! Yay for new project time!!!

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