Tuesday, June 5, 2007


My friends are getting married this weekend and we are taking care of their cat while they are on their honeymoon. I am not planning to give him back when they return, but don't tell them that! Here is a picture of him looking all cute hiding in the first corner he found when he came to my apartment. Now he is just poking his head out from under the couch, where he's been hiding for the past half-hour.

Here is the finished throw I made for their present! The yarn is Lion Brand Wool-Ease, the Comfort Cable Throw from their website. I think I would totally make this pattern again sometime, maybe in pink or something. I hope they like it! I think the washableness of the yarn is really good for a throw like that.


MorbidKnits said...

Wow great throw. Excellent detail!

THEknittingNURSE said...

once again, i must say... GREAT JOB on that throw. Keep a watch on my blog, I will be posting mine in the next couple months.

I am making one for BF before he goes to live in dorms! (But probably won't post progress b/c he knows the address and I don't want him to see it before he gets it)

Thanks for the comment :)