Friday, November 9, 2007


I got my nose pierced! A couple friends and I were at the coffee house getting interviewed for the newspaper about the Preemie Project and I was like, "let's go get pierced!" and one of my friends was like "yeah!" So after the interview we went over and got some brand new holes! Like I posted in facebook: "I was recently thinking to myself: "You know, I haven't had any major puncture wounds within an inch of my brain lately." Also, "Man, what could I do with this $40 in my pocket?" So I found a guy who would punch a hole in my nose. And now I have a nose piercing. The end."

The picture is lame. Don't you like how staticy my hair is? It's really bad when I am brushing the cat because you can literally hear him crackle. I am afraid I will touch him one day and he will spark and catch on fire or something. We turned the humidifier way up, but I am not convinced it is helping!


AndreaLea said...

Ach! Static!
I've heard that putting baby powder on your hairbrush is really good at getting rid of static but I'm too scared to try for fear that I'll use too much and my hair will be gray!
Are we tailgating tomorrow or what woman?!

gretch0r said...

Hey - Can I get your e-mail address? :)