Sunday, November 18, 2007

Lizard Ridge

I got so excited about finally finishing those darn mittens that I let myself start another project I've been thinking of for awhile. Lizard Ridge from Knitty is supposed to be knit with Noro Kureyon, but this yarn was part of a kit to knit a different afghan that I inherited from my Grandma. My uncle has the blanket made from the original pattern so I wanted to do something different with it. I figured Lizard Ridge would be a great way to make interesting stripes.

This pattern is much more fun to knit than I anticipated, and it is going faster, too. It helps that I have figured out how to knit backward recently, and I am getting almost as quick knitting backward as I am purling forward. This makes the short rows go pretty fast. The color changes are just often enough to be interesting but not often enough to make annoying ends. I have even woven in every end I have made so far, so if I keep this up (and actually ever finish after this initial excitement wears off soon) I will not have much finishing to do!

I am also knitting it in strips instead of squares. I'm not sure exactly how much yarn I will have to make it, so I might have to do some math at some point, but for now I am just knitting (= The yarn is only 25% wool, so I am a bit worried that the bumps won't block out, but I actually kind of like them. Especially since the yarn is a bit less exciting than the Kureyon, it adds some interest to it.


AndreaLea said...

I like the bumps too. And Kitty. :)

quiltmama said...

I like this pattern, Em! Pretty cool. You are so darn talented...must be inherited from your mother's side. :-)

Love, Mom