Wednesday, August 15, 2007

UIHC Craft Fair

Today was craft/ bake sale at the hospital for The Preemie Project day! Woohoo!! Only I didn't get a chance to make anything, so I suck. After wandering around the hospital for a good 15 minutes after lunch (that place is huge!!! And it has good lunch!) I found the sale. There was tons of stuff! So many people worked really hard to make all of the crafts and food. I feel bad for not making anything, but I did buy something! I have been meaning to make a knitting needle case for all my loose double pointeds and my circulars, but I haven't gotten around to it. So when I saw this needle case, I knew I had to get it. I wanted to get a cookbook, too, but I only had $13, and I wanted the needle case more. Maybe someone will let me buy one soon even if it's not at a crafts sale?? Isn't it cute? I got too excited to wait till I got home, so these are mac photobooth pictures taken with the laptop webcam, which are not exactly the highest quality. It's a good camera, but holding my laptop over my head to get the perfect angle is not great. Someone at my husband's work held a laptop over their head in a car to block the glare, and dropped it on their face and chipped a tooth and it was a recordable! So don't worry, I was being safe! (=

Anyway, here is the new needle case! Thanks for making it, Natasha!

I am thinking of using that pretty blue and the dots as inspiration for painting my craft room. I got a bunch of books about painting murals, cuz I was also thinking of trying my hand at some kind of tromp loeil design in there, but dots are way less scary, and could actually happen in this lifetime. Any thoughts?

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