Friday, August 31, 2007

Craft room! eeeeeeee!

Isn't that a beautiful sight??? Ok, so the whiteness and plasticness of it all isn't super inspiring, but holy crap I love having a craft room! I am secretly plotting a mural to paint on the wall, which should be a really nice touch, if it turns out. That probably won't be for another couple months...

In the picture, I am working on the curtains for the living room. Here is a handy hint: If you ever think that you should make curtains because it would be stupid to buy them since after all it's only a piece of fabric with some hems- don't do it. I have only finished one and a half (out of about 7) in the past week. That one looks fantastic hanging up, though! Then again, there is a piece of fabric that I've attached to the curtain rod with safety pins that looks just as good! I'll post pix when I finish more of them. Notice the Sex and the City DVD playing on my computer.

As I was organizing the craft room, I came across this, one of first things I really ever knit. Ok, I can't actually remember what the official first thing I ever knit was, but this I started in sometime in high school, so it's up there. I think it's intended to be a baby blanket. I have absolutely no intention to ever finish it. The yarn is from my grandma. She gave me a whole box of colorful yarn when I told her I'd taken up knitting!

I am pretty proud of the fact that I figured out how to do the pattern with the purl stitches. Switching between knitting and purling was practically the first thing I decided to learn, once I'd figured out about needles and things. I remember being blown away by the fact that by making a "backward" knit stitch you could add so much dimension to a piece. It helps that I (apparently) figured out how to knit continental, not english, which makes for easier knit/purl switching I think. I learned to knit by looking at badly hand drawn pictures of bodyless hands making stitches, so I really had no idea what the *right* way to hold anything was. I think I turned out ok as a knitter though!

The only problem? I didn't know which part of a stitch to stick the needle into to make a knit stitch. I knit every single row in this thing through the back loop! So every other row has twisted stitches! Thankfully, I've since figured out better ways to do it! Check out this beautiful detail:

In other news, our house is (very) slowly turning into a home. Despite some (aaaaaaaugh!!!!!!) flooding in our basement, I still think this space is so cozy, and I love hanging out down there. It could just be that the craft room is in the basement... The carpet is all torn up, because we were trying to get it to dry out and checking for mold and no one's been back to fix it (grrrrr). I did my best to cover up the carpet, and move all the furniture back to take these pictures, though. My favorite thing is the pictures of Oregon on the wall. We were going for a kind of "winter at a mountain lodge" kind of thing, and somehow I think our old inherited furniture pulls it off!

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Sarah said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! That "baby blanket" is pretty sweet - although it looks more like a scarf in that picture! Also, your new house is so pretty. I love the paint job.