Friday, August 24, 2007

I'm sick of storms

But isn't this an awesome picture Seany took?

It's beautiful, but holy cucumbers, it needs to stop raining around here!!! The weather radio has been freaking out every couple hours for the past 3 weeks. Flash floods! Severe thunderstorms! Tornadoes! Enough already! Today's rain so far is nice and steady and non-thunderstormy. It kind of feels like home, which I appreciate. Maybe I can get away with a handknit sweater today! It's probably gonna be in the 90's (ºF) today, but our lab is always cold!

In other news... I haven't done much crafting lately, unless you count interior decorating (which I kind of do!) I started a new, bright pink preemie hat at knit night on Tuesday. I am trying to make up a cable pattern, and I was trying to talk to people, and I was trying to figure out how to cable without a cable needle, so I didn't get very far. It should be cute when I finish though!

I think I am going to start taking karate again. I need some kind of structured work out and some people to hang out with, plus I totally miss karate. I would have to save Grey's Anatomy for Friday's though!!!


Chelsea said...

Instead of karate I would suggest the Hawkeye Tae Kwon Do club at the university. We are cool. Trust me.

gretch0r said...

Wow! Talk about a storm.

I tried teaching myself how to knit once... I got about 1-ft of a scarf done, then realized that I had no talent in that area. :)

Heh. I had NO idea that you'd ever taken karate. Do you think that reflects on me or the entire family?