Monday, February 22, 2010

So... I made a quilt :)

Yeah. I started making a quilt way back in the day. I just finished it. Like, right now. I needed to get the thing off my kitchen table since it's been there for weeks and I need to cleeeeeeean. Ok, it's not as done as I hoped I would make it... I didn't quilt inside the t-shirt parts, so they will probably fall apart with much use and I do eventually want to make them pretty with quilting, but for now, it's done done done.

This was motivated by the fact that my sewing machine seemed to miraculously be working again, as I discovered when I decided I needed to make a case for a new (to me!) bou for karate (ok, kobudo). It's sort of become my thing to make all my weapons have pretty cases. Any ideas for a tonfa case?

It's so pretty! I used the leftover fabric for a pincushion.

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