Monday, November 3, 2008

Turtle Power!

So, I read other people's blogs and think to myself..... "maybe someday I will update my blog!" Well, today is that day!

Here is a picture of some karate friends and me in our rockin' Halloween costumes! They were so fun to make. We sewed pillowcases into shell shapes and drew shell patterns for the back. We painted cardboard for the front shells. The mismatched green sweats were very comfy and I felt very smug in the face of all the other "slutty-whoever" girls dressed up downtown. Go us!

Since they are my favorite, here is a picture of the kitties and cute and cuddly on the couch. This never happens. Usually Calvin is trying to kill Cuddle Duds.


Sara said...

The costumes are awesome!

mykarmaa said...

A beautiful hat!!!! I have a question for you??? .... a kitty question???....I have a female kitty that looks very much like your sweet white one with the apricot ears. Her name is Ling Ling and she is 1/2 himalayan and 1/2 persion. She too has blue eyes. The problem: I cannot keep her eyes clean, she always looks like she is wearing mascara??? Need help??? Any thoughts??? Vet is no help at all, Thank you.