Sunday, June 1, 2008

Updates on things

So, while people were getting tornadoed up north aways, our outdoor furniture was blowing around and breaking stuff. We'd just gotten back from seeing Indiana Jones (!) and it was supposed to be stormy so we looked outside and literally like 2 seconds later our entire metal and tile (ie, not especially lightweight) furniture set took off from the place I am standing to take this picture and landed on the other side of the deck where the plants are.

Here's the damage:

I got another plastic bin and just set the broken one inside, but I haven't done anything about the terra cotta one with lavender in it. Shrug. I also moved the deck around so that the table is over on that side permanently and the plants and the plants are on the opposite side.

Speaking of plants, here are some pictures:

Now, here's some knitting:

These arm warmers look completely ridiculous and long and skinny on the needles, but they are totally comfy cozy when I put them on.

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