Thursday, June 5, 2008


I would think that thunderstorms are terribly exciting and fun, if it weren't for the following things:

- They are always way early in the morning when I am trying to sleep. I got woken up by stormy craziness at 4:30 this morning and never managed to go back to sleep. The storm stopped literally two minutes before my alarm went off at 6 this morning. Come on, at least be later in the day when I can enjoy it, or be at night so I can just sleep in later to make up for lost sleep.

- There is a very real chance that any of these storms can turn into a tornado. I moved here a few months after a tornado tore half the city apart two years ago, and I saw how damaged all the buildings and houses were. That's just scary. It doesn't help to have a weather radio going off like crazy announcing "tornado watch in effect for the next 4 hours!" or whatever. I don't think I would freak out so much if it was just like, "Emily, there's a tornado about to hit your house, go to the basement now."

- I actually own my home. That means when stuff breaks, I have to fix it, and pay for it, which sucks. I've already gotten a rip in a window screen, chips in the tile on the table and two broken planters from storms. We've taken steps to try to prevent more outdoor furniture casualties, but I suspect we haven't seen the end of the destruction.

- Lightning's gotta strike somewhere. Last year, it hit my friend's house and like, blew up their tv. I like my tv. It has shows like House and The Office and Ace of Cakes. I don't want it to be blown up. I don't want anything else to be blown up by lightning either.

Storms can be pretty and exciting, but mostly they are loud and scary and make floods that make it hard to get to work, and I don't like them.

I guess, though, that it's our fault for being bad to the environment. You'd think this would motivate me to do good things like riding my bike to work. I might even think about it if it weren't raining so darn hard. Augh.

Here's a picture of lightning from last summer for you.

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Chelsea said...

I guess after being through so many tornadoes and thunderstorms, I am somewhat immune to them. I love listening to them as I lay in bed and standing at the window to watch them come. I have never had one of the those weather radios, but I think it would drive me crazy.