Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wooohooooooo I finished my Pomatomus socks!!!!

I love them so much. I used size 0 needles instead of 2's, so they are nice and snug (I have small feet). For some reason I got really sick of making these for a few weeks. This week though, it's spring break so the buses only come every 15 minutes and there are not very many people on them so I am guaranteed some quality waiting-for-the-bus-in-the-car time, as well as a seat on the bus so knitting on my commute is actually an option. Once I actually had a decent chance to work on them, I got far enough along that I could almost see the end and I got really fast once I got near the toes. Then the actual toe part is just stockinette, which is about a zillion times faster than the lacy pattern so I finished most of that last night and the rest this morning. This is one of my favorite projects I've ever made. Sad, huh?

(I should mention that the composition of the first picture was inspired by pictures of socks taken by photographer Jessica Tjok. Mine is obviously way crappier, but I want to give credit where it's due.)


AndreaLea said...

Awesome, possum!

Chelsea said...

Good job! My first one is still languishing while I finish up the zombies and the ugly socks.

Thanks for the video! Loved it. Oh, and I am fully in support of throwing things if it snows. Probably won't be enough for snow balls.