Friday, March 21, 2008

Boyfriend Socks

Is it weird that I am making myself boyfriend socks?

This was just too darn cute not to take a picture of. Kitty never ever sits on laps unless you are physically holding him there and brushing him. This is the closest he's ever come to cuddling on my lap. He was just so interested in the socks that he rested his fuzzy little head on my leg and watched (well, mostly he wanted to eat the needle whenever it came near him). It was very hard to make myself get up and come to school today because he was being so adorable.

Plus I learned how to do a figure-eight cast on. Very exciting.

I decided I am going to try to take better pictures of things, so I made a light tent kind of thing out of a cardboard box, a piece of poster board and some tracing paper. I'll take a picture of it at some point, but anyway, I tried taking a few pictures using it. I don't really have any decent lamps, so I can't really get a good picture yet, but here is the yarn I am using to make these boyfriend socks.

Also I can make hats fly. Neat.


AndreaLea said...

Wow! A flying hat!!

Chelsea said...

BTW, I am totally planning to make some Boyfriend socks for myself as well.