Friday, February 22, 2008

Spinning wheel

I am going to get a spinning wheel. It's going to be a birthday present, because el husband is building himself a computer, and the only reasonable way to make an unjustifiably large expense go away is to create another one. My birthday's not for another month and a half, but this winter is making me more and more miserable by the hour and looking for a spinning wheel is making me happy.

I am trying to decide between the Original Lendrum and the Louet Victoria. Apparently I have to choose between single and double treadle.

Now, I personally know the three people who read this blog and I have never heard any of them mention anything about spinning, so I am not actually expecting any feedback. However, I have never used a spinning wheel before, so if anyone reading this is one of the creepy people who always seems to read blogs without ever leaving comments or anything (I am this person for lots of blogs...) and knows a lot about spinning wheels, this is the time to speak up.

Yes, I realize that Fae Ridge Farms has spinning classes and wheels and stuff, but by the time I have both the courage to call and the time to drive over there to take a class, it will be a very long time from now and I could have figured it out on my own by then.


Chelsea said...


That's me waving because, as you already surmised, I know nothing of spinning, but at least I comment.

AndreaLea said...

wha? spinning?

But I'm totally in for a fieldtrip out to Fae Ridge. :)