Friday, June 17, 2011

Garden, blanket, baby, stuff like that

My garden is doing better than it was after the floods. I reseeded most things a couple weeks ago, so maybe the long growing season down here will be an advantage.  Most things are trying hard to come up this time.

The rosemary and basil (both growing in pots instead of the raised bed, argh) are doing great and I use them all the time. The carrots and pumpkins look like they might end up doing pretty well, too. Something weird and diseasey is going on with the tomatoes, but they are growing pretty green stumpy leaf things, so I'll just let them be, whatever. The radishes look pretty good (at least that's what the caterpillars think). The corn might end up ok, but I am not very optimistic that we have enough for them to actually be pollinated so we'll see about that. The spinach is the only thing that just refuses to do anything. Maybe it's a bad batch of seeds or something. Either way, I like watching everything grow!


I finished knitting the baby blanket. I think it turned out even better than I expected! It's a bit on the bright side...

Baby Adventure

I'm still pregnant. Luckily, I'm due next Friday, and due dates mean that that is the day the baby will be born, so yay! ;)

39 weeks

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Where in the World is Kaydee? said...

that baby is so lucky to have such an awesome blanket!