Sunday, April 24, 2011


I am so excited about this nursery. As in, "the kid's not due for more than two months and it's nearly completed" excited. It's pretty much been my main focus for the last little while, and it's been a very sewing machine/ paintbrush/ dyebath intensive process.  Awesome. Plus, the room is bright pink so you know it's going to be good. 

I've had the dresser and end table drawer things since my parents bought me this furniture set for my first apartment in college.  There is a matching twin bed that's waiting upstairs.  We ended up buying the crib to match the other pieces, and I think it looks pretty good! 

Here's the crib, obviously. It took forever to find bedding that fit in my idea, and I finally ended up just dying the bedskirt to be the vibrant shade of yellow I was looking for. I finally discovered Carousel Designs which has some pretty good stuff in bright colors (yay for not pastels!).  The rug in this pic is actually two of those funky nobby bath mats that I am going to sew together, and I'm going to get another one for next to the changing table dresser. I figure they're pretty cheap and fun and easy to wash. The flower on the right wall is a present Sean gave me for our 9 (?) months of dating-anniversary. So cute! And finally, I just finished painting the goofy spatter painted flowers hanging above the crib. That was so fun to make! I think it turned out pretty well, too.

(edited to add a closeup of the painting)

Here are the curtains and glider and bookshelf. It's really hard to find bright purple curtains, as it turns out.  At least ones that are tall enough to not look ridiculous.  You can see in the next picture that we ended up getting ones that were really short, so I got an extra one and cut it up to sew to the bottoms of the curtains.  You can't even really tell, which makes me really happy. And as you can see in the other picture, the glider used to be a pretty sage color that will look great in our living room once we outgrow the bright pink room, but for now I sewed a purple slipcover.  I used flannel, which is soft but good heavens the cat hair.  I'd originally intended to keep the cats off, of course, but um, clearly that is going well. It's their new favorite spot. I'm also pretty impressed with how many books area already on the shelf. I saved a lot of them from when I was little. :)

Curtains before:

Chair before:

Here's the dresser/ changing table.  There is no storage in this house so the closet in this room is already crammed full of other stuff so this dresser is really, really useful. And the painting in this picture was made by my brother! Yay!


mjenriquez said...

wow, what a creative baby's room! Nice job. You made what reads off the printed page look visually great.

AndreaLea said...

Dude. You are like the coolest mom ever. I LOVE the flower painting! The boys are still asking me if you will paint a Pokemon mural in their bedroom when we build a new house. =/

Meilynne said...

I love the room!