Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I don't really have a garden this year.  I was so excited to finally live in a place with a backyard so I tried to go outside one of the first days I lived in Arkansas and measure for a raised bed garden, but after 2 minutes I had been bitten by so many mosquitoes I literally had trouble breathing (which sucked).  So I took some Zyrtec (which totally works for making mosquito bites itch less, in case you are in a similar situation) and scrapped that idea.

However, in our (not at all spiteful) quest to take everything from our Iowa house (like cf lightbulbs from every socket, and the fancy lightswitches that Sean had installed), I took the planters that had a couple seeds in them and plopped them in the new backyard. When looking at them through the back window, they seem to still be alive.  In the foreground are a couple bell pepper plants, and in the back is a lettuce plant that I actually have no intention of eating.  I'm pretty sure by this point it would taste terrible.  But since it's pretty much all I am growing I love it just the same.

Except for the occasionally absurd wind (maybe you can see how the bigger pepper plant sort of has a zig-zag in it, from being blown over at one point), the southern rain storms and heat make it so I haven't had to water them or tend them in the slightest.  Which is great, since I don't go in the backyard. There are fireants out there, dude.

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