Thursday, March 18, 2010

Guess What?

I finished my shawl. It's huge. And awesome.

Here it is pre-blocking. Impressive stuff, no?

Maybe a bath will help?

336 pins later...

With the book again to show how amazing blocking is at making things bigger.

Look! Look how pretty! :D

That's a king size bed. This thing is huge.

I didn't finish by the end of the Olympics, but I am darn proud of myself anyway. I want some real in-the-wild-not-pinned-to-my-bed pictures, but I was too excited to post these pics and didn't want to unpin it too early, so there ya go.

So... does anyone know what you are supposed to do with a shawl after you finish making it? Anyone? Bueller?


Deb said...

Absolutely stunningly beautiful.

Angela :o) said...

WOW! Completely amazing!

Kaydee said...

omg! that is amazingly beautiful!!!