Friday, June 19, 2009

New yarn 'n things

I bought myself some merino/bamboo fiber as a graduation present to myself, and I finally got around to spinning it this week! The colorway was called Antique Rose Petals and I think that is quite fitting.
In case anyone's reading who cares about these things, from my 3 ounces of fiber I got 208 yards of a slightly underspun 2-ply. Not sure what I'll make out of it. I was thinking socks, since it's superwash (yay!) but I don't think it's tightly spun enough to last very long as socks. I don't want to add more spin either, since it's impressively well balanced right now. Maybe it will be a hat (foliage?) or maybe I'll just knit socks tightly and wear them anyway.

Here's how the fiber started out.

Here are the singles before plying.

And here is the silk fiber I bought nearly the instant I finished spinning that purple stuff! I am spinning it really thin, so it's taking but it's so shiny and soft!

I've also been gardening, despite the help of a rather pesky gnome. I've been eating fresh salads for awhile now, and the beans are nearly ready, too! It's a bit harder to tell with the onions and carrots, but a few might be nearing edible stage, I think, possibly...

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AndreaLea said...

Pretty yarn!!

My garden looks like a mini jungle.