Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Unknown sprout and lightbulbs

Ok, so here is the unknown sprout today.

I know it's not basil, lettuce, oregano, cilantro, marigolds, chives, tomatoes, carrots.... the only thing it can be are beans or peppers. I really really hope it's peppers. Or something I didn't plant, like pineapple.
I also have lots of new sprouts this morning that I didn't have yesterday morning. Like in one place I have about a thousand lettuce sprouts. I guess I got a little seed happy. Oops! I also have a ton of marigold sprouts, which is exciting because those are ones that didn't sprout indoors. It's also how I know the unknown sprout isn't marigolds.

So, when we replaced all the lightbulbs in our house with compact fluorescents, Sean put all the old lightbulbs in a vase on an end table in the hallway. I thought it was sort of silly and didn't do anything about it. After a bit of a lightbulb disaster on Saturday, though, I got a bit annoyed about the lightbulb vase and thought it was really dumb and who in their right mind has a vase full of light bulbs?

Meta Home in Old Capital Mall, that's who. We saw this display in the window last night, and it cracked me up enough to take a picture of it.
The lightbulb vase stays.


Libby said...

It looks like peppers to me. At least that's what my pepper seedlings looked like.

Libby said...

Your idea to just mix the seeds together and see what comes up is the method my grandma used for years. It was usually a huge success, and she was the original organic gardener even though we thought it was weird when we were kids.

AndreaLea said...

What?!?! Who decorates with light bulbs in vases? Let's just keep Saturday in mind if Peter ever comes over again. :)

And, I agree with Libby. Some sort of peppers methinks. I hope you get lots of pepper seedlings and I can borrow one because none of mine are growing. :(