Monday, April 28, 2008

I made a garden!

I made a garden!!! In plastic tubs!! Too bad it's going to be frosty tonight and the whole garden is going to die. That's a bit lame.

My gardening methods are very precise. I've been growing seeds inside for like a month, and only about half of the seeds I planted ended up actually sprouting. At one point the little plastic container holding the seedlings blew off the window sill when the window was left open in a thunderstorm and all the seedlings and unsprouted dirt clods fell into the sink. I have no idea which unsprouted dirt clod was which, so when I planted the seedlings, I just buried the unsprouted dirt clods in the plastic tub in the corner, in the hope that it's just taking a little longer than expected for whatever is in there to grow. I labeled the tub in the corner "habaneros and jalapenos." Might be marigolds though. Shrug. I also poured the entire seed pack of carrots in a couple of very close together rows in one tub. I love carrots. I am hoping they all grow together into a very very wide mega carrot. This is going to be the best garden ever! Here's a picture of my half-stained deck, some plastic tubs of dirt and a barbeque (grill, to you midwesterners).

Awhile ago I mentioned that I had made a light box for taking pictures that look like hats are suspended in midair and whatnot. To make it, I cut three sides and the top out of a cardboard box, taped some tracing paper over the cutouts, put a long piece of white poster board along the back and bottom and put it next to a window and a desk lamp. I think the resulting pictures are pretty good, and kitty thinks the resulting box is a fantastic place to hang out.

Therefore, I figured it would be a good idea to take some pictures of him. They make me giggle, so you have to look at them, too.


Chelsea said...

I am jealous of your deck garden and your light box. I need one of those and a better camera. Love the cat pics. They made me giggle too.

Amanda said...

Hi Emily...I won't be a creepy lurker anymore! I am very impressed by your gardening skills. I bought the already sprouted plants because I am not patient enought for seeds.

AndreaLea said...

I ♥ CuddleDuds and I ♥ gardens.