Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mega Huge Sock Disaster

I call this " Still Life with Sock Disaster."

"Emily," you might say, "how come one of your socks appears to be vomiting all over itself?" Well, my friends, I will tell you. I was one row short of finishing the first repeat of the chart, when I noticed this:

Now, to a normal person this looks just fine, right? Look again. The pattern in between the markers on the left is different than the pattern in between the markers on the right. Again, this isn't really a problem. I noticed this last night, and went to bed and slept quite well, thank you very much.

Except I woke up this morning in a panic about it! I don't want to go through life with one of my socks having a fish scale that is not like the others! Aaaaaaaahhhh!!!! There's no way I am frogging this baby (I say now) all the way to the beginning, because that would just be the end of this whole sock experiment that I am trying. (I hate knitting socks, but decided the other day that my new mission in life is to make Pomatomus socks. Very weird.)

So what do I do? I decided to just rip out this one pattern repeat!

Now, the astute observer will notice that there are 13 stitches on the red needle. This is a 12 stitch pattern repeat. I swear I counted them every single row and I always had 12, so I have no idea what's going on here. I even swear that there are 12 stitches on the needle up at the top where the working needle is. (Hmm... maybe this has something to do with the random k3tog I had to do at one point when the k2tog required by the pattern wouldn't work. Interesting.) "Oh well," I say with unwavering optimism, "it will all come out right in the end!"

Here's what it looks like now. I had to go to work today. Holy crap. I think I better go pray to the yarn gods. This is not going to end well. I just know it.


On a different note, it's damn cold today. That's a -12.8ºF you see in the upper right corner. Like, below zero. Don't even get me started on the windchill. Yikes.


AndreaLea said...

Oh my. How are you going to fix that.

By the way, that pattern is working up nicely.

Chelsea said...

If it were me I would just frog everything to the location of the red needle and knit it again. I much prefer knitting over picking up stitches any day. Good luck!

gretch0r said...

Wow, that looks... complicated.

I just started crocheting granny squares, but it's moving along slowly (mostly because I don't actually know what I'm doing). :)