Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I got invited to Ravelry! Finally! I am so excited! I think they do the whole wait lots of months for an invitation so that your will be so excited to use it when you finally get in! Actually it's really cool, though.

As far as crafts and me, I've sort of been trying to get my craft room painted and furnitured and prettified. I painted it on Saturday, a light lavender. It's not really what color I was going for, but I was all set to deal with it. Then I went to take down the tape and realized just what a crappy paint job it is. I think I may take this opportunity to do a second coat in a slightly different color. Darn it! I want to be done painting! Here is a preview of the beginning part of my practice for the mural I want to paint on the wall. I might be too sick of painting by then though...

Did I mention I started going to karate again? I love it! I worked out for 2 and a half hours today, which was great, because today really sucked. The first two things that happened to me today were I hit my head on the corner of my nightstand, then got up and hit my head on the corner of the wall! Arg!

I love The Preemie Project! It's so fun to hang out and knit with people!!!!!

Here is how awesome my cat is:


AndreaLea said...

I love your mural idea. Very cool.
Your cat is funny.

gretch0r said...

Whoa! New kitty looks a lot like my roommate's kitty seen here: